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(MARR-si-uh duh-NEEL)


A classically trained vocalist, pianist and a contemporary voice specialist with jazz, soul and gospel influences,  Marcya Daneille is a cross-genre singer

who can swing her way

through a jazz Standard,

groove on a classic soul

tune or reach for the

heavens with her own

special brand of gospel



Born in Germany to

musical parents, Marcya

was raised in a nurturing

musical environment

where she was exposed to

a wide variety of vocal and instrumental music. She began studying piano at the age of 7 and voice when she was 15 years old. Marcya also began singing professionally when she was 15 and continued to work as a vocalist while she completed a B.A. in Philosophy (Voice Performance minor)  at Roosevelt University.      


Marcya started working in the Chicago area opera scene while a voice student at the Chicago Musical College. Her first opera contract was with the Lyric Theater of Illinois. A few years later she became a featured member of Lincoln Opera Chicago. Eventually, Marcya decided to leave Illinois to pursue graduate studies in Voice Performance at the University of Iowa. The time Marcya spent in Iowa yielded the wonderful opportunity to experience life and music on an international level. She spent time performing, teaching and studying in Italy and England. It was while living in England that Marcya began to more thoroughly explore the jazz idiom by sitting in with some of the local musicians at jam sessions in London. This experience taught Marcya  how to marry the most salient aspects of her technique with a variety of styles of music.  


Shortly after returning to the United States, Marcya decided to relocate to New York City to further develop her career. For more than a decade Marcya performed and taught private voice students In NYC while she fully embraced a crossover career that would combine elements of jazz, soul and gospel music. Marcya’s CD"Keeping it Simple" executive produced by trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and engineered by the late Emmy award winning audio engineer Jim Czak. "Keeping it Simple” features performances by Wycliffe Gordon (Piano/Trombone), Aaron Diehl (Piano) and Dezron Douglas (Bass). 

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Marcya Daneille

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